The most amazing gay and lesbian events!

Provincetown is a welcoming destination for the world’s gay and lesbian community, where they meet up and celebrate. The town has received a number of honors and prizes for its tolerance and it’s service to gays and lesbians. Here more than anywhere, no matter the color of your skin or your sexual orientation, you are welcome! Check out all of the exciting events lined up throughout the year, just for YOU!

19 Fri
Nauticon 2017 Spies, Like Us! @ Provincetown Inn
Nauticon 2017 Spies, Like Us! @ Provincetown Inn
May 19 all-day
NAUTICON 2017 – Spies, Like US! Nauticon for 2017 will be May 19-21. We’re off to YEAR 6…and STILL SAILING STRONG! The Provincetown Inn will once again play host to our shenanigans and silliness! We are currently working with them on room rates, which will be available on their website in Late Summer/Fall 2016. Badges are on sale! Now is the time to purchase at the low $75 per person rate! Just remember…RESERVE YOUR HOTEL ROOM as soon as reservations opened in Late Summer/Fall 2016! The Provincetown Inn rooms sold out for Nauticon 2016…so you can BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY they’ll sell out FASTER and FAR sooner for Nauticon 2017! BUT!!! You MUST purchase your BADGE BEFORE you can make your room reservation! Your badge includes Open Bar parties on Friday and Saturday, The Big Show and all the fun panels on Saturday, plus the Sunday short day of beach frolic and informative panels. This is NAUTICON 6! Let’s CONTINUE to make it a GREAT fun filled-nerdy-tipsy weekend!
Single Women’s Weekend @ Provincetown MA
Single Women’s Weekend @ Provincetown MA
May 19 all-day
Single Women's Weekend @ Provincetown MA
Frustrated by the difficulty of finding someone? Tired of your usual haunts? Are your eyes crossing from spending so much time on online dating sites? Then Get Your Single Self To Ptown! Enjoy day-and-night activities for lesbian singles, including: Speed meeting Dance parties Mixers Dune Tour Spin-the-bottle Great food …and so much more! Have Fun! Make New Friends! And You May Just Meet Ms. Right…
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