Double Twisting Buzz For 2


Another Lesbian Gear Favorite!  It's two vibes in one!   Perfect for when you need a quick, no fuss masturbation orgasm, but still want to feel connected and play together. 

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We love this toy!  You know those mornings when you need a quick orgasm, and just want to throw a vibe on your own clit?  Well now she can do it with you.  Each side has a strong, multi-function vibrator. There’ s a long bendable silicone rod between the two vibes, that bends anyway you want. So you can lay side by side and just do yourselves, together, or take it and use both vibrators on her. It’s perfect for vaginal and clitoral or anal all at the same time. You can lay on top of each other using one end each  inside you vagina or clitoris…. the positions and uses are endless!

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Pink, Yellow, Black


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