Elbow Grease Fisting Lube


Our top pick for Fisting Lube.



Since its introduction in 1979, the oil-based Original Elbow Grease has become the handballing (anal fisting) lube of choice.

Choose from a quickie, very little 1 oz. travel size, or a 9 oz. jar. They also have a heating lube, which takes fisting to an even hotter place!

For some guys, this is an old favorite. But if you’re not committed to Elbow Grease, a newer, alternative fisting lube, is Boy Butter. While Boy Butter has a Desensitizing lube, Elbow Grease has a heating lube. Both are great for fisting.

Since these are both oil based, they will break down some cheaper, rubber based dildos. Silicone toys and dildos are fine to use with this lube.

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