Completly waterproof, easy to clean and is virtually noiseless.



This is the ONLY device that has ever been endorsed by world renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westenheimer! It has several outstanding properties that make it a staff favorite at Wild Hearts as well.

The most distinct property of the Eroscillator is that it oscillates rather than vibrates, creating surprisingly gentle, yet extraordinarily powerful sensations. The Eroscillator actually oscillates up to 60 times per second, the sensation is radically different from ordinary pounding vibrators, it actually feels like a finger moving from side to side. The Eroscillator is super lightweight, the balance of this piece is actually up front by the attachments, making it ergonomically superior to any other product we have tried. There is no stress on the wrist whatsoever. It has an extra long cord, and incredibly quiet! Additionally, it never gets hot and will not irritate clitoral or vaginal tissue, even after 2 hours of use (Yes, we tested it!). The Eroscillator is the first vibrator since the Hitachi that is recommended for pre-orgasmic women and for inducing multiple orgasms. It comes in two models, Eroscillator Plus with 3 attachments and 5 heads, and the Top Delux model complete with 5 separate attachments & eight heads in all!