The Glory Strap-On


Finally, a strap on made specifically for big women!   There are plenty of strap-ons that fit larger women, but they are not designed for larger women.  They are just regular strap-ons with longer straps.  This is the real deal!



The Glory Strap-on is the only harness specifically designed by and for larger women.   The trick is that this strap sits above your pubic bone, not on it, like other strap-ons.  In other words, when you look down at your dildo, you can see it!    It’s made of leather with a wide nylon webbing waistband so it’s super comfy.  This is a two strap, meaning it goes around your thighs, not in between your cheeks.  The Glory also works for small women, so you can share it with your partner.

There are plenty of other harnesses that can fit a larger woman, but they are really designed for smaller sizes, with longer straps thrown on.  So they still don’t fit quite right.  This baby is the real deal.

Fits 40″- 60″ hips.  Need a bigger Harness?  Ask us. We’ll custom design it for you.