Red Hot Bullet


There are 100’s of Bullets. we believe this is the best!



We’ve decided that  this is the most powerful, intelligently shaped bullet, we’ve tested.  It carries a powerful 6-pulse vibration that you can control every step of the way.  The dual controls allow you to control the pattern and the intensity of the pulsation. The  three-inch, tapered bullet is large enough to put inside the vagina, and the ribs feel great against the clitoris.   The hard plastic material makes this bullet compatible with any type of lube, and it’s easy to clean.  No Phalates or other nasty stuff!

The control unit is also perfectly sized for our Harness Holster. The combination looks swell mounted pistolero-style on the waistband of any strap-on.

The 4 AA give it it’s power.  Hint: If you want to use a bullet inside your vagina or anus, throw a condom over it so i’s easy to pull out.