The Whole Lesbian Sex Book


An absolute classic, “The Whole Lesbian Sex Book” is still our favorite. Written by Provincetown’s own, Felice Newman, this book is our go to for every lesbian, queer, trans, or questioning reader.

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“Getting off is good, and this book will help you get off better.” —Bust Magazine

By Provincetown’s own Felicia Newman, we highly recommend this book to every all  lesbians, queers, trans, and questioners. The Whole Lesbian Sex Book is the most comprehensive sex guide available for lesbians, offering information and support for all lesbian lifestyles. It speaks to  readers of diverse experiences—young and old, partnered and single, trans- and traditionally gendered, sexually experienced and naive.
The Whole Lesbian Sex Book offers basic information techniques, advice, support, and playful discourse on the subject of lesbian sex, including: where to find partners, G-spot stimulation, oral sex, vaginal fisting, dildos for fun and fashion, dynamics of butch/femme sex, anal sex, the pleasures of lube and latex, where to cop the best cybersex, and leather, piercings, tattoos, high heels, and other fetishes.

This revised and expanded second edition also includes new information:
How to keep your sex life hot—whether you have one partner or many, or are going solo.
How to have all the orgasms you desire—expanded chapter on Tantra, G-spot orgasms, multiple orgasms, extended orgasms, and ejaculation.
How to create lasting, intimate sexual relationships that deepen over time.
The latest vibrators, dildos, and harnesses—and how to get the most out of your sex toys.
Perimenopause, menopause, and herbal supplements to support libido.
What to do about the sexual side effects of SSRIs.
Gender resources, and S/M organizations.