The Pros of A Cock Ring

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Keep Your Package Pumped

When the weather heats up, the clothes come off. When you are hanging with a crowd of friends or soon-to-be-friends, it is important to put your best dick forward! It is no secret that men check each others’ packages out and compare with others or themselves – constantly. Like it or not, we do make value judgements based on the size and shape of a man’s cock. That being said . . . MEN . . . it is vital that you remain at the head of the pack!

Exciting News – In More Way Than One

Cock rings are misunderstood. Most men tend to think they are necessary for guys who have a hard time staying hard. Not true! Men in the “know” wear cock rings because they’re a ton of fun and they feel great!

Ladies! Place a cock ring on  your man’s penis before he leaves for the office in the morning. He will feel pumped up all day and the sex will be longer and harder. Wearing a cock ring all day will keep your man horny. Your man, (and ultimately you too), will enjoy a more intense orgasm after wearing a cock ring all day.

Cock rings are affordable – and they make GREAT STOCKING STUFFERS. If you’re a newbie and not sure your man will like it, we suggest a Siliskin comfort ring. The Siliskin comfort ring is really soft and comfortable. Be warned, because it is so soft, you will have to double up the rings when  you are ready to have sex.

Stay aHEAD of the Pack

Men! Whether you wear a flexible Nitrile ring or a rigid stainless aluminum ring, know that either will keep the blood flow in your cock, so you stay thicker and longer (even when flaccid). Of course, the tighter the ring, the bigger the boost to your package. An added bonus is that during hot weather, your cock ring also pulls your package front, center and slightly up – preventing your dick and balls from getting sweaty on your thighs. So, your cock is not only prettier but cooler!


“I’ve bought a few cockrings over the years, the Titan 0.6″ is the real deal! It is beautifully made, looks great, thrusts my gear forward so that it can be seen doting the day and it takes my sex to a whole new level. This ring has kept me harder and thicker, yet it is extremely comfortable. My partner reported feeling my throbbing was “pleasant”. I was abe to concentrate on my partner’s pleasure rather than focus on my own performance. The ring kept me hard a long time ater I came, so we were able to stay together longer – after the big event. This is just awesome and I intend to buy the other series to enjoy! I thought a comfortable all day ccockring was impossible to find, but once you get the size right, this is the one. I intend to wear mine as often as I can.”

SexAdminThe Pros of A Cock Ring