Sex Toy Box Subscriptions

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Toys of Eros presents: You’ve  visited us, and now we’re coming to you! Sex Toys Box Subscriptions Every 3 months, you’ll receive a package that will instantly spark excitement and desire.   It’s a reminder, a nudge, to keep the flow of intimacy between you and your partner deep, alive and vibrant. and exciting to get Your box will be personally curated by the folks at Toys of Eros. , based on your specific interests and comfort level We are thrilled to be launching a sex toy box subscription just in time for Valentines day!   Our goal is to choose toys that are within your comfort level, mixed with toys that will encourage you to explore, and widen your experiences. You’ve visited us in Provincetown, and now we’re coming to you!   We’re excited to let you know about the launch of our Sex Toy Box Subscription.  What is a Sex Toy Box Subscription?   Subscribers receive an elegantly packaged box every 3 months, filled with unique, quality toys, lotions, literature and a variety of sensual accoutrements, curated especially for you.    What Will I get? The contents of your box will be curated based on your specific interests and comfort level.  We have


ToysofErosSex Toy Box Subscriptions

New to BDSM? 4 Women share their experience.

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How to practice BDSM for the first time WITHOUT GETTING UPSET. BDSM* is in vogue and recent erotic novels and films have achieved the unthinkable, making a practice that was once seen as a weird fetish the norm. And sure, they had to release a blockbuster and sell thousands of books along the way, but hey… at least we’ve made progress! Following the world premiere, where Anna met Christian and discovered that dungeons can sometimes take the form of sexy red rooms, thousands of women jumped on the “50 Shades” bandwagon and vowed to fulfil their most secret fantasies. BDSM is a game – and a very exciting one at that – where there are clear, precise rules that, for once, aren’t meant be broken, given that your wellbeing also plays a part (tip of the day: set limits, arrange everything beforehand, define safe words and choose the right tools). With this in mind, Toys of Eros asked 4 women about their BDSM experiences in order to provide you with useful advice for when the moment arises. Are you ready?   Morgan, 32 Once I understood that I wasn’t suffering from emotional problems, and just liked how latex and leather shined on my skin, I approached


ToysofErosNew to BDSM? 4 Women share their experience.

Uberlube…Provincetown’s favorite lube

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Uberlube… Provincetown Favorite Lube If you want to consult an expert on lube, talk to a gay man.  Here at Toys of Eros, we give away 100’s of samples of Uberlube a day.  And it seems like everyone comes back the next day to buy it.  The men of Provincetown have declared it their favorite lube of all time. And that’s enough for us. In Short: The slipperiness is perfect and lasts forever. It doesn’t stain sheets or clothing,

ToysofErosUberlube…Provincetown’s favorite lube

What’s up with Nipple Clamps?

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Think the idea of nipple clamps is nuts? Find it hard to understand the appeal?   Discover why everyone should add a pinch of nipple naughtiness to their play. What is Nipple Play and Nipple Torture?  Nipple play is a way of making a sensitive erogenous zone even more sensitive to touch. Nipple torture is the act of taking advantage of this heightened sensitivity by introducing pinwheels, feathers, ice cubes and other innocuous devices to bring pain, suffering and pleasure.

ToysofErosWhat’s up with Nipple Clamps?

A Toys of Eros Favorite

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The Sesso Sex Strap is one of Toys of Eros top choices to amp up sex with a partner. First, we love the Sesso because it lets the woman on the bottom tilt her pelvis up, and keep her legs wide open and straight up in the air, without ANY EFFORT!   This position of being completely wide open to your partner, creates a feeling of vulnerability, deep intimacy, and excitement that’s super, super hot.  And since most of us can’t stay in this position very long without becoming uncomfortable, we never get to enjoy this position. This is where the Sesso shines!

ToysofErosA Toys of Eros Favorite