Parking in Provincetown


WINTER PARKING | Nov 1 – Mar 31 … Everywhere & Free!

Restrictions for parking are lifted! You may park anywhere on Commercial Street, even in front of our store.

SUMMER PARKING | Apr 1 – Oct 31

If you park illegally on Commercial St, they will get you within 15 minutes at the longest (if the parking officer just passed your car.)  Parking Enforcement is from April 1st through October 31st, 7 days a week including holidays.

There are 2  town owned parking lots, MPL and Grace Hall open 24/7

MacMillian Pier Parking lot, is located in the center of town on Commercial Street.  You can’t miss it.

  • 321 spaces
  • open 24 hours a day
  • $3.50 per hour $35 maximum in 24 hours

Grace Hall is on Bradford street, one street up  from Commercial. Once you walk the block to Commercial St. it still in the center of town.  If you get a parking space near the front of the lot, you’re fine in terms of walking, (about 1 block to Commercial.) However, the lot is huge. If it is crowded, you may end up having to walk the equivalent of five blocks to get to Commercial st.

  • 354 spaces
  • open 24 hours a day
  • $2.25 per hour $25 maximum in 24 hours

Hints & Tricks:

If you have to run into our store for a moment,  you can leave someone in the car;  they won’t ticket you if someone is in the car, although they may ask you to move along.

Have you thought about renting a bike? Although it may seem intimidating,  Rt 6A is completely flat from North Truro to Provincetown.  It’s a very easy 3 mile ride from the North Truro line to the center of town.


 Well, how’s your Karma?   This is obviously really tough, but sometimes you can find free spots on Bradford Street before the crowds arrive. Take the first exit off Route 6 inside Provincetown, which is a left turn onto Snail Rd. Turn right at the end of Snail Rd. onto Route 6A. Keep right at the fork to enter Bradford St. After about a half mile, start looking for areas where you can park along the street shoulder. You may need to do a U-turn if you see a space to your left. Spaces become scarce near Conwell Street and the center of town, but if you continue down Bradford St. (and it is early enough), you may find spaces on the shoulder beyond the center in the West End. As you are driving along Bradford Street, you can also look for:

Private Parking lots: Some of these are overlooked, and cheaper than most. As you drive into Provincetown on Bradford, you will see some private parking lots.  $25 for the day is a good price during the peak season.

“I Don’t Do Buses.”    The shuttle buses that run from from Truro all the way into the center of town are really, really nice.  They are super clean, friendly, and nothing like mass transit buses in cities.

Door to door service: There are two dedicated bus stops (at the Stop & Shop on Shankpainter Rd and at the Municipal parking lot at MacMillan Pier and the bus will pick you up along the route, so you don’t have to walk anywhere.  Just wave it down wherever you happen to be, and when you are ready to get off the bus, just tell the driver when you want to get off.    They come along every 15 minutes at the height of the season. If you are staying on or near Rt 6A, don’t bother taking your car into town.


It is approximately $12.00 pp from Truro into Provincetown, and $7.00 pp from any points inside Provincetown.

Our Final Advice :

If you are staying near Rt 6A, avoid the whole parking thing and take a bus or call a cab.   (Taxis are $7 to $12 per person, so add it up before you make a decision)

If you have to bring your car, resign yourself to paying the $35. for the day, park at MacMillian wharf, and relax. MacMillian is the closest lot to the center of town, and it’s easy to find. (Just drive along Commercial St as you enter town, and you’ll see the huge sign to turn left into the lot.)

For more in depth info go to official Provincetown Parking page.