Pjur Med Cleaner


Pjur Med Clean is made under pharmaceutical conditions in a sterile environment. we love that it dispenses in a spray, so it makes clean up fast and easy. You don’t even have to leave your bed to clean your toys. Pjur Med Clean is compatible with natural and synthetic materials, making it perfect to use on virtually any toy you own. It is the only alcohol-free cleaning product on the market today that fights bacteria, fungi, and lipophilic viruses.



Most of the other toy cleaners on the market  contain Nonoxynol-9. This is a very dangerous chemical. In the 1980’s it was thought to inhibit the transmission of HIV. Now scientists believe it actually assists in the transmission of HIV. Secondly, most other toy cleaners really don’t eradicate the bacteria and virus, so it’s a waste of time to use them.


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