FeelDoe Double Dildos

As an added bonus, the manufacturer of the Feeldoe has put a slot in the “elbow” of all three styles where a One-Touch Mini Vibe (included) can be inserted to add a mild zing to your activities!

Available in four sizes:



As with all double dildos, the manufacturer says that this silicone toy can be used without a harness, an idea we always adore, but one that always has some mixed results in testing. Some people report they are able to pop it in and go to town while others require a dildo harness to keep it inserted. (Note, the vibe may get in the way with a harness.) This has something to do with body type – those of us with thighs that meet at the top have a natural way to hold the dildo in place, as long as we’re fucking with our legs reasonably close together (or lying down on the bottom.)

Unlike other double toys, the bulb has a bit of grip internally so it doesn’t slide out very easily and lacks the bulky center joint other double dildos rely upon for stability. The bulb-end that goes inside the wearer is held in place by the PC muscles, making the thrust motion lovely on the G-spot. The cock-end protrudes forwards like a real penis, aimed and ready to be sucked on or fucked. This dildo can also be used as a hand-held toy by gripping the bulb and manually thrusting. In addition to this, the Feeldoe is cleverly ribbed just about where the wearer’s clit would sit, allowing her to grind away towards orgasm as she is doing her lover.

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