G Kii

The Best G-Spot Toy in 20 years



G-spot, Gspot, Gspot.  Every other toy with any sort of curve claims itself to be a g-spot toy.   But a real G-Spot toy needs to bend to an almost 90% angle, and be flexible, but not too flexible. It needs to “give” against your G-Spot, but not give too much.  It’s difficult to make a good G-spot toy. We had one at Toys of Eros, from a high end german company,(Fun Factory,) but they stopped making it.  We finally found the G Kii.  It fhas the perfect amount of bend and give.  And it’s also made of that new silicone that repels dust, is rechargeable, and has a pleasing, high end shape.  It’s the best a G-Spot toy, but when you straighten it out, it’s great for vaginal or clitoral stimulation.  It can definitely be used as your primary, go-to vibe for any type of vaginal or clitoral stimulations.

Using the G KII. The G-Kii has a button on the side that allows you to bend the toy. Once bent, it still has that perfect amount of give, and you can bend it to the angle that hots your g-spot the best! Here’s some more technical information about the G-Spot.


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