Iroha Vibrators


These vibrators designed by Iroha are some of the staff’s favorite rechargeable vibes; their distinctive appearance paired with the unbelievably soft texture of this vibrator make it one of the most unique toys on the market today.

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With such an elegant and  unique appearance, Iroha rechargeable vibes look more like modern art pieces than sex toys!  One of the most intriguing aspects of these small yet powerful toys is their unbelievably soft texture. Made of 100% non-porous silicone, they feel so incredibly soft that many of our customers don’t believe that they’re really vibrators! They are made to display on your bedside table,  and recharge by sitting on their black base, and then covered by a clear acrylic dust cover.  If you have a partner with a penis, their is a complimentary 3d masturbator, made to pair with the Iroha.

The four unique designs serve different purposes suited to meet the individualized desires of every user. Yuki, the white vibe, has an insertable tip which can also be used for external clitoral vibration; Tori, the bird is maroon and has a squishy soft tip for clitoral stimulation, The black Whale, or  Yoru , has two  tips which can surround the clit for  a powerful sensation .  The  Seashell, or Kushi, is tan with soft ridges all over for a unique  external vibrational pleasure

Charging time runs about 120 minutes in order to experience up to 90 minutes of play at maximum intensity.

The Iroha vibrators really are a staff favorite here at Toys of Eros! Too good to be true? Well, in a way. These vibes seem to be more fragile than most other high end toys and break more often. We carry them anyway because they are so unique, with their mushy soft feel and super elegant visual design. They are works of art, and recharge by being placed on  the base, and  then covered with a see through acrylic cover.

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Black Whale, White Puff, Tan Seashell, Red Bird