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Best Strap on ever, period.

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This is THE strap-on we recommend

Why? We have 4 important attributes we consider when reviewing a strap-on:
1. Comfortable fit
2. Easy to put on and take off
3. Holds dildo tightly
4. It is able to be tightened during play

So, this strap-on gets a 10 on all of the above. And we can say that no other harness has ever touched this one… even the leather one we designed in 2004.
The comfort is because it’s spandex, not leather. Years ago, strap-ons made out of anything but leather were not very good at all in terms of holding a dildo. This is now a glaring exception. The dildo hole is very elastic, to fit almost any dildo and hold that baby tight to your body.
Fits well. The super-comfortable Spareparts harness straps on with super-strong velcro and has an effortless fit that makes a sex toy feel like a natural extension of your body. Soft, sturdy neoprene lined with breathable triple-mesh fits like a second skin on almost anybody—no gaps, chafing buckles or pinched skin. And if a comfortable, great-fitting harness isn’t enough to make you fall in love, it also vibrates! Two sleeves (one above the o-ring, one below) will hold any standard bullet vibrator. Check out the LUUL, our new rechargeable bullet with power through the roof! And you’ll love that it’s waterproof, machine washable, and accommodates toys up to 2” in diameter.

Choose from basic Black, deep red, or purple. There are 2 sizes. Size A fits from a size 0 to a size 18 in USA women’s sizes, or from a small to an Xl  in USA Mens. Size B fits sizes 16 to 28 in USA women’s sizes or an Xl to XXXXL  in USA Mens.  Or use this chart:

Sizing Specs:




Diameter Across O-Ring
Opening (for dildo)
Circumference of O-Ring
Opening (for dildo)
20 – 50 inches
50.8 – 127 cm
10 – 16 inches
25.4 – 40.64 cm
1.25 – 2 inches
3.17 – 5.08 cm
3.92 – 6.28 inches
9.97 – 15.95 cm
35 – 65 inches
88.9 – 165 cm
14 – 24 inches
35.56 – 60.96 cm
1.25 – 2 inches
3.17 – 5.08 cm
3.92 – 6.28 inches
9.97 – 15.95 cm



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