Kama Sutra Earthly Delights Gift Drum


The Perfect Gift : Extravagant, sensuous, expensively packaged. Kama Sutra is the highest-end designer of sensuous cremes, scents and oils. This box is their premiere collection.



If you are looking for a great gift to give your lover  look closely at this one. The Kama Sutra Company makes the finest massage and sensual products available. This item, the Earthly Delights Box is their grandest assortment.
An enticing way to say “I love you”. It offers a generous supply of Kama Sutra’s most exciting ways for lovers to keep in touch. This gift tin contains:

* Sweet Almond Massage Oil
* Honey Almond Massage Cream
* Original Oil of Love
* Pleasure Balm
* Honey Dust with Feather Duster
* Exquisitely packaged in a large tin.