Mr.Right by Vixen


Keep your dick in your pants…or not.  This is our favorite packer for when you want to look your best.

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This packer comes without any excuses, and feels just as realistic as the “real thing.”  We think it’s the best packer on the market.  First, it’s silicone.  You know the story…silicone won’t hold bacteria, you can sterilize it, warms to the body, etc…  It’s more firm and realistic than other packers.  The less expensive packers are really squishy… and while not totally realistic, they can be fun too!   This Packer is more pricey than most, but it is clearly a much higher quality.  It will last a lifetime, but in case it doesn’t, just cash in on the lifetime guarantee. (See our refund policy.)

We recommend storing your Packer in a  sock or a Queer Gear  dildo bag.. And as with all vixskin silicone, dust it with a little cornstarch powder to keep that life-like feel.

6.5 inches . Highly malleable, and VERY comfortable.

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