Silver Feather Tickler


You’d be surprised what a simple feather can do!



Feathers are perfect for sensation play.  We chose this  particular feather tickler because it creates a visual as exquisite as the feelings it evokes.  This is a an elegant, high quality silver ostrich feather, (vegan,) with a sturdy handle covered in silver and black twisted satin rope.  A silver cap secures the feather to the handle.

This is a beautiful addition to your sex play accoutrements.

Hint for use:  Begin with the least erogenous zones like the back, building up to the neck, breasts, inner thighs and even feet with an erotic flair.  It is important to change the length and pressure you use to stroke your lover. Don’t  underestimate the power of a feather touch, especially during foreplay. Note: do not use oil with the feathers.