Tenga Egg


If you haven’t tried any of the Tenga eggs yet, we suggest you buy a six pack, and try them all! The picture below shows the different textures found inside each egg.

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If you have found the perfect egg, buy it as a single! Tenga Eggs have six different amazing male masturbation sleeves that can be used whenever the mood should strike. Innovative Japanese design creates an easy to use and discreet masturbator that is easy to take anywhere. Who would suspect this little egg carries such a wallop. When you crack open the plastic shell you will find a one-time-use super stretchy sleeve. Each comes in a unique inner texture. The textures are Wavy, Spider, Twister, Clicker, Silky and Stepper, each of which creates a totally different sensation. Along with your eggs, you’ll also get a package of water based Tenga lube so you’re set to go right away. The sleeves are about 2 1/2 inches un stretched, and can lengthen out to approximately 8 inches.

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Tenga Egg

Wavy, Spider, Twister, Clicker, Silky, Stepper


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