The Tenga, an amazing new masturbation toy that is so much better than just a hand! It creates the sensation of surrounding and sucking and stroking the penis. Watch the video!

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The Tenga is so inexpensive for what it does.

Engineered in Japan with simplicity and precision, the
Tenga has become a sensation in the U.S. There are no moving parts, but the
Tenga is designed so that a vacuum is formed around you penis. As you move your
penis in and out, you get a unparalleled sucking sensation. The material on the
inside of the Tenga, a form of elastomer, is indescribable. The best way to
describe it, is that  it feels like a
mouth, and a tight vagina, combined.  
The textured interior completely covers the penis, while the
exterior air hole can be used to control suction. A reservoir of water-based
lube keeps the point of entry slick. Feel silky ripples as you slip inside the
tightening zone, followed by nubs of assorted sizes. The various surfaces
combine to create a symphony of stimulation. 
we tried it, we were amazed at the feeling. 
The package says its good for one use only, but weve used one for up
to 10 times.  We just cleaned it in
between uses with water and Pjur Toy Cleaner, and put new lube inside.. and it
worked great.  Eventually, the material
inside got loose, but 10 times is better than once!   The
Tenga comes in 2 sizes, a 6.0 and an 8.0. The
version 6 1/2 long, 2 1/2 in diameter and the 8.0 version 7 1/2 long, 3 in
 Then there are two types, Lip Service, and Stroke.  The lip service is a stiffer, harder ride than
the squeeze.
Choose the 8.0 if your over 6 inches, hard. Or get
the 6.0 for travel! Or mix and match up for the three pack deal!


Product Review by,

 John of Toys of Eros

 Welcome to the big
boys club. This is just an outstanding masturbator, I love this thing. The
lube built into the lip service is not bad. I ve found that adding Liquid Silk
(Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant – 250 ml just increases the pleasure and glide

Girth, girth is the reason you are looking at this one or the Tenga Squeeze
Play 8.0, you must be in that 6 inch around category. If you are narrower than
that, well the 6.0 versions are the ticket – those will fit great and feel

All right the debate on can you reuse this thing? For me,
when I  splooge inside this baby, its
all over with I throw it away.  I dont
feel like going to the trouble of cleaning it out, and its cheap enough to use
it once.  Some of my buddies do reuse it,
they say it works ok.

The thing has a foam rubber collar just inside the entrance
hole that spreads lube all over you as you enter the masturbator. Then at the
very end there is another foam rubber pad full of lube at the very tip of this
thing. So have fun inside here!.

The difference between the Lip Service and the Squeeze Play is  kind of cool really. The Lip service is a
solid outer plastic body. So you grab on at the wide top part or the narrow
middle part – all the better to hold on and move this thing back and forth. And
youve got this nice solid plastic to push with. On the Squeeze Play, the sides
of the thing are flexible, so you can squeeze yourself up and down. Different
strokes for different folks. If you like it nice and soft, well Squeeze is you,
if you like it nice and rough, Lip is for you. Me, well, I really like the Lip.
But that s just me. 

The thing has a little tab you can pull off one end that covers an air hole. If
you push up inside this, hold it for a second, then put your finger over the
hole, youll get a sweet little gentle vacuum on yourself. It s just a good
firm sucking – hmmmm… accompanied by some slurping noises.

I like this thing. You can get up inside it without being completely hard. It
does come close to feeling like the real thing (except that the darn thing
takes forever to warm up, so it s cold at first). And I  guess it can help you maintain longer during
fun with your partner