The Gee Whizzard (An Attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand)


A must have if you own a Hitachi Magic Wand!  With this attachment  it’s like getting 2 new vibrators.  The soft silicone penetrates the vagina or anus, or place it on your  clitoris, g-spot or prostate for super strong pinpoint vibration!



The Gee Whizzard attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand or Magic Wand Original adds a whole new dimension of stimulation to these wand style vibrators. It adds texture, surface area, and internal stimulation. By harnessing the powerful vibration of the Magic Wand for internal stimulation, the Gee Whizzard can provide stunningly strong sensations to the G-Spot or prostate. Compared to it’s sister, the blue Gee Wiz, the Gee Whizzard has a longer shaft with subtle humps and raised ridge for clitoral stimulation. Also, the new textured dome can be used for dual play with a partner or for clitoral and vulva stimulation.

The Gee Whizzard is made of 100% platinum silicone and measures at 5-inches long by 1.5-inches wide. The sterile silicone makes it perfect for anal vibration play.  Silicone carries vibration better than any other material. Put the tip of the Gee Whizzard on your clitoris and wow… all of the vibrations of the large hitachi head is now concentrated on the tip.

It can also expand the surface area of vibration offered by the Magic Wand over the entire vulva or against the perineum and anal opening. The base of the toy fits easily and securely over the wand’s head, and features textured bumps on the opposite side of the ridged dildo attachment, which can provide more fiction externally or allow for two bodies to share in the Gee Whizzard’s magic.

The  flexible silicone attachment also simplifies care and cleaning for these toys. We give you a lifetime guarantee on all Vixen products.  Vixen Creations toys are made in the USA with small-batch limited production.

Check out the Gee Wiz if you want a smaller attachment.

This attachment works with the Original Hitachi Magic Wand and the New Rechargeable Magic Wand.


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