The Luul Bullet


FINALLY! A super strong, rechargeable bullet!  Yes, it’s  as small as those little silver bullets that go into many of our toys, but it’s rechargeable.. and let us say again…STRONG!  Definitely replace your old button battery operated bullets with this!



STAFF FAVORITE!!  This is the innovation we have all been waiting for!  (At least those of us that have toys that use little bullets!) Let’s face it, the toys were fun, but those little button batteries that powered them, died way too soon! The problem was that to keep the bullets little, we had to use little batteries.

The Luul is the size of a typical small bullet , but it is rechargeable so it’s  super strong!   It has 5 intensities and 5 pulse functions.  The strong motor creates  deep, strong and intense vibration!  The Luul charges using an innovative wire.  One end is a USB, and the other end uses magnetic contacts to safely attaches to the outside bottom of the  bullet. This keeps the bullet completely enclosed, hence, WATERPROOF!


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