The Sesso Sex Positioner


Selected as one of the top 5  “game changers” for your sex life!   The Sesso is a well kept secret, but it is one of the hottest things we sell.  We know..we tested it.



Voted one of the best accessories to take your sex life to a new level!

First, we love the Sesso because it lets the bottom tilt their pelvis up, and keep their legs wide open and straight up in the air, without ANY EFFORT!   This position of being completely wide open to the world, (and, of course, to your partner,) creates a feeling of vulnerability and excitement that’s super, super hot.  And since most of us can’t stay in this position very long without becoming uncomfortable, we never get to enjoy this position. This is where the Sesso shines!

The second reason we love the Sesso is that the pelvic tilt, with legs up and out of the way, makes it so easy for the top to penetrate the bottom fully and completely.  Tops have full access to the G-spot, the P-Spot, and most importantly, they have time. Time to go slow, to explore, play and penetrate their bottom. Most of us have never experienced sex in this position for a sustained period of time. It’s unbelievably hot!  It’s also great for oral sex, pleasure and pain play… everything!

The third reason we love the Sesso is for it’s comfort.  It has a gently curved pillow for your head and neck.  This is a must have sex accessory for anyone that has back or neck problems, or just wants to be luxuriously comfy during sex!

The Sesso Sex Positioner  may look complicated, but it literally takes 10 seconds to position it onto your body. The Sesso is super adjustable, so you can have your legs bent or straight out, and will accommodate any size legs. On either side of the pillow are clips for the included wrist restraints.

NOTES: In many of the pictures, the bottom is holding the straps.  The bottom doesn’t need to hold the Sesso straps to keep their legs up and out. The Sesso holds your legs up without the use of your hands, so you can use the restraining wrist cuffs that are on either the side of the pillow, for added feeling of vulnerability.



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