Tweezer Nipple Clamps with Chains


Lightweight clamps, perfect for beginners. Choose Pink, Black or Silver.



Tweezer Clamps are perfect to introduce a beginner to nipple play.  All three colors have rubber tips for comfort. They are fully adjustable  by sliding the small hoop up and down the long arms.  This controls the tension so the beginner can start slow and get more intense.

Tweezer clamps do not provide an intense amount of tension and can be pulled off pretty easily.  Even though they are lightweight, they do still provide a really pleasant squeeze.  These tweezer type of nipple clamps are also most often used  on decorative clamps that have hanging feathers, crystals and jewelry.

And there’s no question that the chain looks pretty hanging down against a woman’s chest, but it also has a function. Your partner can pull on it,  but more often,  women put it in their mouths so they can pull on it themselves, and control the pressure.

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