Uberlube for Men


Fuck all night. This is the best lube ever made. Period.

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This is, by far, Provincetown’s favorite lube.  In fact, it’s the favorite lube of every man who has ever tried it.  It’s a silicone lube, and it has properties that leave every other silicone lube in the dust.

  1. Fuck all night… it lasts forever.
  2.  Don’t worry about your sheets… it won’t stain.
  3. It is completely tasteless and odorless, and safe to swallow.
  4. The special pump  is dripless, gets the last drop at the bottom of the bottle, and let’s you apply it one handed.
  5.  It doesn’t leave that slippery residue that never goes away.  It is specially formulated to stay slick when friction is applied, but let up on it’s slip when you stop.   And in the morning, you won’t slide off your sheets.

Uberlube thought of everything.  It’s packaging is simple, yet elegant, and  looks handsome on your bedside table.  It can easily pass for massage oil or high end cologne.  The glass bottle seems to be an odd choice for a bottle of lube, but there are benefits that can’t be found with other materials. Plastic interacts with lube, and breaks it down over time. It also holds bacteria.  But the non-porous surface of glass means bacteria can’t hide anywhere.   Don’t worry, it’s an unbreakable glass used for telescope mirrors, aquarium heaters, and thermal insulation tiles on the Space Shuttle.  It is completely hypoallergenic and is clinically recommended.  Plastic surgeons use it on stitches to keep them supple.

You can buy Uberlube in 4 different configurations.    There’s the choice of 2 bottles: Large, 100ml, & small, 50ml.  Then there are 2 travel options.  One travel option has a handsome silver colored, brushed aluminum case and comes with 1 refill 15ml..  The case is lightweight and perfect to stash in your sock for the dick dock.  The last option is a box of 2 refills, 15ml each, without the case. (you don’t need the case to use the refills.)

Meet a hot guy on your flight to P-Town?  No worries. even the largest bottle, (100ml.,) will be accepted by airlines for carry on.

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50 ml, 100 ml, Travel, Travel Refill


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