We Vibe Moxie


Best wearable remote.



The only remote control panty vibe you can actually wear securely with any underwear.

Moxie is a discreet clitoral vibrator that’s perfect for an intimate evening in – or an extra-special night on the town! This clever wearable toy features a wafer-thin magnetic plate that clips onto the front to hold it in place through the fabric of your underwear. (Think the back of an enamel pin, but instead of holding a brooch on your lapel it holds an awesome vibrator in your undies!) Just nestle Moxie’s ergonomic profile against your clit and snap the magnet into place on the front of your underwear. Then, use the included remote control or We-Vibe’s free smartphone app to start the fun by controlling the pattern and intensity of Moxie’s vibrations!


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