Anal Sex for Total Beginners, or “Yikes, my partner wants to have anal sex!”

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So he/she wants to have anal sex. First things first. No matter what anyone tells you, no one enjoys anal penetration with an average sized penis, or a dildo the size of a penis, without first working up to it.  And by working up to it, we don’t mean  using a finger for 10 seconds and then sticking your penis inside his/her anus.  Working up to anal penetration with a penis, means using different sized toys over many sex sessions.  To keep it pleasurable, everyone must start out small.  Once someone turns off to anal sex, it’s difficult to come back to it. Don’t start with a finger:  Many newbies think the way to start exploring anal sex is with a finger.  Don’t.  A finger isn’t necessarily smooth and thin. There are toys that are smaller and smoother than a finger.  Choose a vibrating slim anal toy to relax the anus even more.  Toys of Eros favorites are the Silicone Pop Beads, the O’Boy, and the Harvey. They are all the size of a finger, made of safe silicone material, and vibrate. The three most important ingredients of anal play are relaxation, lubrication, and communication. Relaxation:   The anus is made of two


ToysofErosAnal Sex for Total Beginners, or “Yikes, my partner wants to have anal sex!”

Here’s the 411 on Female Ejaculation

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August 4th, 2016 by Suzannah Weiss Read original article on Of all the things our bodies do, perhaps nothing is shrouded in more mystery than female ejaculation. Headlines and online forums are constantly speculating as to what it’s made of, how it’s triggered, and even whether or not it actually happens. We’ve been in the dark for so long about this phenomenon because it’s kind of hard to study in a laboratory setting, sex therapist Vanessa Marin points out. But we do know that it’s real, and contrary to recent rumors, it’s not just pee. Female ejaculate is actually made of the same stuff as semen, minus the sperm, says Good Vibrations staff sexologist Carol Queen, Ph.D. The same way the clitoris is similar to the penis, the G-spot is like the prostate (in fact, scientists call it the prostata femina), and stimulating it can yield a similar response. Though the numbers aren’t known, she and Marin both think a small minority of women ejaculate already and more probably could with the right stimulation. If you want to try it yourself, Marin recommends using the Njoy Pure Wand on your G-spot while stimulating your clitoris. If you’re worried about


ToysofErosHere’s the 411 on Female Ejaculation