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Your Experience:

Many of our guests wander into the store, curious, shy, and knowing very little about sex toys and sex play. You have nothing in mind to buy and just want to see new things. As you move past the museum, our sales associates, who we refer to as Sex Educators, will give you a quiet tour, introducing you to our most innovative and useful sex toys. They’ll explain how, why and when a toy will work for you. You can be as shy as you’d like, or you can use our educators as sex counselors, to help you solve a challenge or find the right toy for your needs.

Our Museum:

When you’re walking Commercial Street in Provincetown and you decide to enter our store, the first thing you will see is the Provincetown History of Sex Museum.  It’s a record of the fascinating, amusing and sometimes horrifying history of humankind and our relationship towards sex.  It starts with a reproduction of a 5,000 year old dildo, made from donkey dung.  It goes on to display a penis ring, 2 CE. made from a donkey eyelid, and found in present day Jerusalem, to coins made especially for Roman soldiers to pay prostitutes.  The timeline and pictures of anti-masturbation devices will have you holding tight to your jewels. Advertisements, such as the one for anal plugs (1820) masquerading as anti-constipation devices will have you chuckling.

While we are focused on the educational aspects of our products, the atmosphere is often infused with the fun and antics that pour in from the wild and fun streets of Provincetown.

Drag queens, comics and customers bring their joie de vivre to the store and often elevate the atmosphere from quiet and educational, to crazy, fun and hilarious chaos.



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